its no wonder Africa is always mis-reported!!

Well i guess with this kind of reporting Nairobi will always be viewed as some God forsaken third world outpost thats more dangerous than…hmmm New York. Clearly now i see why the situation in Kenya is always mis-reported. My query would be since our security is so bad how comes so far we have never been bombed by Al Shabaab?

I live in Nairobi, Kenya and if it wasnt for the entry of this Sheikh which can be attributed to a lapse in our immigration we wouldn’t be having this particular conversation. I guess Nick Wadhams needs to admit it, the only reason the folks at UN dont want the classification to go up is so they can continue fleecing the UN by living in such a hardship city like Nairobi, when we actually know the truth, they just wanna live large.

here is Nick Wadhams blog post

Well, maybe Nairobi isn’t so great
Well, maybe the U.N. folks who are so upset about Nairobi being upgraded (or downgraded) from a C-level to a B-level security post have good reason. Just in from AFP: Somalia’s Shabab (hardline Islamic militants known for stoning 13-year-old rape victims to death because they “committed adultery”) have vowed to march on Nairobi.

It is impossible to tell how much of this is braggadocio and how much of it is a legitimate threat.

get the rest here –

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