the malt battles begin

Well as a stroke of marketing genius or should i say a failure on the part of EABL, Summit Malt was relaunched before the impending rebranding of Tusker Malt. I do see the need to rebrand tusker malt but the thunder was already stolen by Summit Malt. Now its up to Tusker Malt to reclaim the thunder from Summit but how.

Normally EABL would just outspend, outwit and outsell Summit malt by placing a great marketing spend behind Tusker Malt, but i do venture an opinion that it might not be that easy. Currently EABl is embrolied in a dispute with South African Breweries SAB over an agreement in Tanzania that saw EABL exit Tanzania and SAB exit Kenya. Currently EABL wants to quit the agreement and buy into Serengeti breweries, Tanzania’s second largest brewery. If the ruling is in thier favour, what would you imagine SAB would do to get back into Kenya?

Yup you got it right, they most probably would buy a controlling stake in Keroche Breweries, then a new battle of the titans would begin. I venture an opinion that as we speak SAB is doing thier due deligence on Keroche, and it would be a wise way to get back into the market. Just ask Tiger brands…

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