Chirau Ali Makwere the Transport minister loses his seat…

Trannsport Minister Chirau Ali Makwere has lost his parliamentary seat after the High Court in Mombasa nullified his election. Now its not every day that a minister loses his parliamentary seat, and i necessarily wouldn’t care too much but on this one im very happy.

Why? Coz if there has been one ministry that was going places before he took up office it was the Transport ministry under no nonsense Minister Michuki. Known as a tough operator, Michuki and his then PS were able to reign in the terror matatu industry and reform it something every Kenyan knew was impossible. There was a minister who talked then walked the talk.

Enter Chirau Ali Makwere, who i would say has been one of the most un-effective ministers ever…i mean how hard was it to uphold the standards after the hard job had already been done. Now not to do the job is one thing, not to do your job and justify it entirely another. Im not fit to pass judgement of Chirau’s ability as an MP, but as the Minister of Transport he has failed, and failed big time.

Maybe this is the perfect time for the 2 principals to reshuffle ministers and bring back Michuki to the transport ministry. Please for the sake of us Kenyans.

4 thoughts on “Chirau Ali Makwere the Transport minister loses his seat…

  1. That is very good Makwere should go and kamata adui far from Transport Ministry. Likes of Makwere are still leaving in the past. Am beggining to like our courts but they should not be taking long in there rulling. They should act on people like Makwere as quick as possible. Am so delighted. Charles Titus from Nairobi.

  2. the most useless minister you can ever think off,
    let him go and run his matatu busineass. total let down .when the going gets tough the the tough has to go. goodbye makwere….i passonaly know him and i must say he never deserved to be in that seat at the first palce…4 real,,,hes a totaal let down…loet him go 4 good

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