Ex Nakumatt boss moves to Simba Colt

So after tendering his resignation from Nakumatt, Mr Thiagarajan Ramamurthy has moved to Simba Colt as chief commercial and investments officer. TRM as many affectionately called him will be in charge of the companies growth plans, business diversification and expansion. TRM had been the most visible manager and face of Nakumatt for the last 5 years and made Nakumatt more human while helping them negotiate past many a PR disasters.

So will he be a good fit in Simba Colt? I think he will be a good asset for Simba Colt motors even as thier lines of businesses are growing.
Simba Colt Motor group are a motor company dealing in Mitsubishi cars, Fuso trucks and just recently started a Subsidiary company Bavaria Auto that is the licensed Franchise holder for the BMW brand of vehicles. His experience in retail makes him very well placed to be able to determine how to expand car and truck sales across Kenya. Maybe also following in the footsteps of other motor companies in Kenya it might be time for Simab Colt to start a financing arm, though they are closely linked with Imperial bank.

If his success in Nakumatt is anything to go by, Simba Colt have just bagged themselves a winner!!!

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