Commercial break – Nasuba Express

Ad: “Faster than Bolt ”

Client: Nasuba Express

Nàsuba was formed in 2002 as a supplier of prepaid telephone cards in Africa, particularly in Benin, in Europe and in the United States. Largely based in French West Africa, Nasuba Express has been a seasonal advertiser especially during large football events across the continent. Nasuba’s earlier advertising has not been that notable or memorable, which makes their current campaign all the more worth a mention.

The different ads open with a scenes of the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt going about a series of humdrum errands like shopping and lining up at the bank. The scene changes suddenly and we see him ‘bolting’ through the busy town streets headed towards an unknown destination. The camera follows him until he stops and hands over his package to an elderly woman waiting for him impatiently. Still bent over and trying to catch his breath, he looks up at the woman who tells him that there’s a better way to send money from one point to another. Surprised, he manages to inquire what faster way there could be other than through him? She smiles and points to a billboard behind her using Usain’s signature bullet gesture. The ad then ends with a voice over extolling Nasuba Express’ speed and efficiency.

I really enjoyed this set of ads as they were extremely entertaining and especially because they ran at the right time, just before a big match where the audiences were definitely watching. I also liked the fact that these ads caught us off guard; from having no expectations or awareness that Nasuba Express existed, to looking forward to when the next ad would run. I must commend Nasuba Express on the right use of a famous personality to carry the brand and Usain Bolt does a fabulous job at it. This should set a precedent for local advertisers to take a cue as to what kind of advertising we expect around World Cup – the bar has been set quite high.

3 thoughts on “Commercial break – Nasuba Express

  1. I am a thirty-one years old Ghanaian(West Africa),currently a level 200 second semester student at Pan-Africa Christian University College in Ghana.
    I will be glad if you can provide me with your business development manager’s e-mail address.thank you.

  2. my Name is jerry igho from ivory coast please do you have an office here in cote d voire if yes please give me the office adress so that i can be a partaker of your services thank you hope to here from you.

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