Commercial break

Commercial break

Ad: “Soccer the Coca Cola way”

Client: Coca Cola

Coca Cola is one of Africa’s and Kenya’s largest advertisers with a wide variety of advertising for their many different brands. Locally their brands include a host of beverages from Juice, Fresh Juice, Soda and even Coffee and tea. In the last few months they have re-introduced Fanta pineapple which is a fantastic drink and I wonder why they had withdrawn it in the first place!

Coca Cola, in the course of last year concentrated a lot of their efforts on the FIFA trophy tour across Africa which was a high profile event. Before that, they were running the brrrr campaign – Season 2, a campaign that featured our very own Charles Bukeko.

So in the course of this year with African Cup of Nations running, Coca Cola have been running this particular ad which opens with a scene of a guy watching a soccer match with his favourite drink – coke. He takes a sip and instantly becomes part of a fantasy world where we find a very high skilled team pulling all sorts of manoeuvres on the field. The camera focuses on a player executing a back flip in slow motion, kiss the ball in mid air and proceed to score the winning goal. The ad comes back to reality and the guy with the drink remarks to himself, “Now that’s football.”

Well the very first time I came across this ad it wasn’t quite clear what the ad was for let a lone that it was a Coca Cola ad. Once I got to watch it in totality, it had a logical flow of thought and reminded me of an earlier campaign Coca Cola had been running. My issue with this ad is that the football skills look too contrived much akin to Shaolin Soccer, a Chinese football movie that premiered a while back. Because I haven’t found someone who can remember what the end frame says, i’m not sure how well this ad boosts coca cola sales. This is a big year for Africa Football wise and all football ads will have to be very good to get noticed – this coke ad just doesn’t cut it.

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