Coalition Politics in Kenya- ODM edition

Sometimes i look at the crop of our leaders and wonder why we ever cast votes to elect them for in my book they are behaving very childishly like children in a playground who are throwing a tantrum since you’ve refused for them to play in the sand pit. Now i do agree that Kibaki and Raila have differed on what to do with errant ministers who have had scandals in thier dockets and who have been implicated in the scandals.

But, for the very first time i do agree with William Ruto, since the scandal was also centred in the Prime ministers office, shouldnt he also have been suspended or suspend himself. And of course we do have the US embassy weigh in with thier 2 cents worth of what they always say which doesnt mean anything at least to me.

Then ODM call a Press conference and say we will boycott cabinet meetings, hmmm i wonder how long that will last as the PM will be back and soon they will all be trudging down to State House for those Cabinet meetings. And with the likes of Ruto and Najib Balala not supporting that position, seems like the real loser in this is Raila and his ODM faction. Oh and i forgot, Raila scurring to Annan to sort out domestic problems is not a sign of statemanship, but of weakness, to lead Kenya you do need balls of steel and a strategist. You really should get Salim Lone back!!!

So let me predict how this Charade will end…

Raila will get back from Japan and have a meeting with the President the next day. He will then call his ODM faction and explain to them that cabinet meetings will have to be attended and calling Annan was no big deal. He will then proceed to agreeing that we dont need to suspend ministers and we shall move on to the next – scandal as the newspaper reporters would call it.

Now how’z that for Coalition politics?

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