Intrepid Data Systems Launches Real Time Online Mobile Money Solution

22 February 2010 Nairobi, Kenya, Intrepid Data Systems – a homegrown IT design firm today announced the launch of its new real time online mobile money solution – iPay. The innovative and easy-to-use product incorporates the popular M-Pesa and Zap modes of money transfer to enable customers to buy and sell goods and services across Africa via their mobile phones.

iPay is designed and targeted to online merchants to enable them receive payments through an alternative means other than the traditional method of credit cards. While any business can use the product to receive payments, it’s the businesses that deliver their product in a digital format such as music stores, online book stored, publishers, video libraries, consultancies, donor-supported organisations, and premium content providers that will benefit the most from this new platform.

Speaking about the new product, Philip Nyamwaya, Business Development Manager at Intrepid said, “We designed iPay to offer our clientele a simple, easy-to-use online payment platform at a price that they can afford.”

Some of the advantages of using iPay include ability to track payments using existing shopping cart software (Joomla, Virtuemart), ease of account opening and order management, as well as creation of printable receipts and orders for better record keeping.

Managing Director of Intrepid, Mr. Steve Nyumba said, “Today, more than 15 million Kenyans who own mobile phones have instant access to mobile-based tools, our big idea was to package MPESA and ZAP – the two most popular money transfer systems into an online transaction processing system that would allow online merchants, service providers, not-for-profit organisations, branding agencies and consulting companies to receive real-time payments off a secure platform that serves this region and beyond.”

“With the advent of fibre optic technology in Kenya, and the reduction in Internet access bandwidth tariffs, we see greater awareness towards the power of the Internet to transform the way business is done in (and with) Kenya,” concluded Mr. Nyamwaya.

Intrepid Data Systems is a dynamic enterprise productivity and creative digital branding firm whose mission is to provide affordable, accessible, enterprise and web-based solutions to small, medium and large businesses across Africa and beyond. Intrepid’s key service areas include developing and reselling tried and tested systems, (for instance corporate Intranet platforms, business continuity planning, website development, web hosting, online marketing, and web site maintenance).


For more information please contact

Mary Kihagi
Account Manager
Slick Advertising
020 235 8216 /248 4111 /0714 116 818

Phillip Nyamwaya
Business Development
Intrepid Data Systems
020 243 0424 / 20 651230 / 0715-659199

About Intrepid Data Systems Ltd

Intrepid Data Systems, registered in April 2004 as a partnership firm, is an innovative IT firm offering an expansive range of services – custom automated systems, mobile telecommunication solutions, website design / redesign, as well as consultancy and training services.

Our clientèle are drawn from various industries such as International Humanitarian Organisations, Academic Institutions, Finance and Banking, Tourism, Non Governmental
Organisations, Insurance and Transport, the Public Sector, Religious Organizations and off shore
clients among others.

To be the most responsive Enterprise Productivity and Digital Solutions Company adopting friendly and personalised technology solutions to meet the business needs of each one of our clients.

Dedication to the provision of tried and tested cost effective solutions that are targeted to solving the challenges faced by progressive organisations and governments.

Core Values
Intrepid believes in maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and integrity, all the while offering prompt delivery of flexible and lasting solutions that will stand the test of time.

Frequently Asked Question on iPay

What are the advantages of iPay for Merchants?
• Receive mobile payments at all times of the day and night (24/7) from all over Kenya*
• Track payments easily using your existing shopping cart software (Joomla, Virtuemart)
• Manage orders and create printable receipts and orders for better record keeping
• Easy Account set up for merchants, religous and donor-funded organisations
• No account set up needed for your customers. All they need is their mobile phone and that’s pretty much it!
As a Merchant, what can I sell with iPay?
The possibilities are endless. You can sell the following:
• Digital Goods (Music, E-books, Videos…just about anything that’s downloadable)
• Tangible goods
• E-Tickets and Vouchers
• Domain Registration and Web Hosting
• Subscriptions and Pay-per-view services… you name it
I’m not a merchant, nor am I a donor-funded organisation. What’s in it for me as a user of the iPay Utility?
• You don’t need to open any account with us!
• You can use iPay directly from your mobile phone via Zap and M-Pesa.
• Let us know which merchant websites we can approach to allow you to use this neat and seamless payment platform. We’ll take it up from there.
How secure is iPay?
• iPay has security built into it since it rides on the MPESA and ZAP payment systems to fully authenticate user transactions originating from your site.
• iPay is safe. We maintain a backed up record of all merchants’ financial and contact information regarding all transactions on their websites.
• Intrepid will provide a secure account for all merchants and organisations signed on to iPay.
• There are no limits to the amounts of cash you can recive in a given trading period
I develop E-Commerce websites. How can I integrate iPay into the websites I develop for my clients?
• Easy! We’ve created payment modules that integrate seamlessly with Joomla! and Virtuemart, the most popular content and e-commerce shopping carts on the web.
• We are in the process of creating modules for the OS-Commerce shopping cart as well.

What if, as a developer, I don’t use any of these shopping carts?
Intrepid will be able to offer you access to our simple API that will allow you to:
• integrate iPay into your clients’ websites or systems
• Extend the capabilities of your custom payment systems… as easy as 1-2-3!

3 thoughts on “Intrepid Data Systems Launches Real Time Online Mobile Money Solution

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  2. Online marketing IS becoming more and more attractive each, and every day. The problem is finding the right places to get the “best bang” for your buck..There are many businesses out there on the internet that offer good incentives, but doing your homework on the company before you make any critical purchases, is key especially as the times are tough now.

    There are also, in conjunction, many companies out there are utilizing the their sites members and basically “forcing exposure for the companies, thus getting the clients that “best bang” for their buck…Remember, doing your reasearch is the simplest key to making a successful purchase.

  3. I publish farmer-friendly products in various languages. I have tried selling them online (via paypall and alertpay) but have not made any progress, mainly because most potential users in the region do not have credit cards. Those who do fear to use them as they don’t want to reveal their card numbers to people they do not know well. So I am stuck. I am hoping that ipay will assist me to find a way out of the impasse. I have much more material to upload but since the service is not being used, I have lost the motivation to upload them. Please get back to me so we can talk.

    Kind regards.

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