Time for other market players to grab market share from G4S

Well G4S has been having big problems with its CIT business in what we’d call a credibility problem. After losing a sizeable chunk of money while in transit, the latest loss in Mombasa of over 100 million shillings has brought back the spot light to shine firmly on G4S.

As G4S fumble with their response, what should the other players in the market be doing? Of course there is no better opportunity than now to increase their market share at the expense of G4S. That’s what any smart Sales and Marketing manager should be doing.This is the time to innovate and introduce new ways of doing business that do bring back confidence into CIT services.

So its with this as a background that KK Security launched thier new list of innovations in the market as is here http://www.businessdailyafrica.com/Company%20Industry/-/539550/867652/-/item/1/-/f0ontr/-/index.html

Isn’t it time the rest followed suit, its a one time opportunity to get your name there and take up some market share…before G4S gets its house in order then the task will be a whole lot harder.

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