Official statement from Just a band about Makmende

29th March, 2010. 7:59PM

To all our pre-Makmende fans, we’re still Just A Band. We’re still all about making good music and crazy videos, we’ll still jump on stage from time to time, and do interviews and stuff. Y’all know how we do! ;D And no, our next video will not star Makmende. Have no fear. Thank you very much for your continued support.

To our post-Makmende fans, hello there. Welcome to the club!

To the Makmende fans, we’d like to thank you all very much! All this fuss is because all of you really got into the character and had fun with it. Thank you. Seeing as there has been a lot of discussion about us, Makmende and what we are going to do now that the Ha-He video concept has spun off into something massive, we’d like to set a few things straight:

A. Copyright

We (Just A Band) have obtained the sole rights to the Makmende character likenesses (the characters being Makmende, Britannia Zimeisha, First Bodi, Big-G, Wrong Number, The Askyua Matha Black Militants, Black Sahara, Godfrey and the Laydayz, Abscondita and Taste of Daynjah), “Nyoyo na Uji Films”, “Deluxe Nyeuthi”, “Finger of Nebula”, the “Makmende Amerudi” lettering and images thereof.

This means that any copying or reproduction of any of the above characters FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES without permission is prohibited by law. Violators will be subject to criminal and/or civil action.

WE HAVE NOT – as has been speculated – copyrighted/trademarked the word “Makmende”. We did not create that name ourselves, it has existed in Kenyan popular culture for a long time. Our copyright covers our representation of Makmende and the other characters/brand names in the video.

Having said that, we love fan-generated artwork, as long as it’s not for commercial purposes. We’d like to send a special shout-out to the authors/creators of the Primary Makmendetics photo, and the 10,000 bob note and many other very cool pieces. Awesomeness!

B. Kevin “K1” Maina

Kevin is our good friend, he helped us bring the character of Makmende to life, and we couldn’t have done this video without his help. At the moment, Kevin “K1” Maina is not making any public appearances as Makmende. Be kind to him.

C. Endorsements (Or Lack Thereof)

There’s a lot of cool stuff out there involving the Makmende character/legend, and it’s nice that everyone has their own take on the story. We’ve received a lot of queries about our involvement with various products/organizations, so we’d like to clarify that Just A Band (and Kevin “K1” Maina, for that matter) are NOT involved with the following good people: (run by BleuMonde Ltd.) (run by the Makmende Network)
The “Adventures of Makmende” series (running on Classic 105 and Kiss 100)
Various Makmende merchandise for charity

Any official Makmende communication shall be made through our official channels:

Official Just A Band Website (
Official Just A Band Facebook Page (
Our Twitter Profile: (

and through Makmende’s official channels:

Official Makmende Website (
Official Makmende Facebook Page (
Makmende’s Twitter Profile: (

D. Official Merchandise

For now, Just A Band are NOT, NOT, NOT selling any official Makmende merchandise. Official Makmende merchandise will be coming soon from our good friends at BONK.

That’s it!

Thanks for reading,

Peace and happiness,
Just A Band.

29th March, 2010. 7:59PM


Makmende on Wall Street Journal & fast company

So Makmende, the new Kenyan viral sensation has gotten a mention on Wall Street Journal and in Fast Company a big accomplishment that should teach many a doubting Kenyan brands that a viral campaign is a reality. Here are the article links,

of course this part on the fast company article made me laugh since only an American would say this

“The song itself is pretty catchy too, using Antares’s Autotune to create a song that sounds a bit like the Black Eyed Peas, minus the ear-stabbing horribleness. And the song along with the video has spread like wildfire across Kenya–it’s the first real homegrown “have you seen this video?” moment, and should pave the way for all kinds of cute Kenyan animal videos. ”

pave the way for all kinds of cute Kenyan animal videos? What!!!!

Hmmm… well i think the american should know we dont always consider an image or video of some kitten something to capture national attention, we have better things to do.

A BA degree in …wait for it…Dholuo!!!

Just found this course offered at Maseno university. A BA degree in Dholuo, ati what!!!

Unit Courses Offered-BA Dholuo

Year 1 /Semester 1 Semester 2
ADH 101: Introduction to Dholuo Language and Linguistics
ADH 102: The History of the Luo
SCS 102: Discrete Structures
SCS 101: Introduction to Computers

ADH 103 Introduction to Dholuo Literature
AAL 101: Introduction to Translation Skills
SCS 114: Introduction to Spreadsheets & DataBases
SCS 112: Desktop Publishing
Year 2 /Semester 1 Semester 2
ADH 201:Dholuo Structure
ADH 202:Dholuo Oral Literature
SCS 207: Web Design & Publishing
AAL 201: The Novel in African Languages
SCS 204: Operating Systems
ADH 203: Dholuo Orthography ADH 204: Dholuo Phonetics and Phonology
AAL 202: Oral Literature
ADH 205: Dholuo Translation
SCS 214: Management Information Systems
SCS 212: Database systems
ADH 206: Varieties of Dholuo
Year 3/Semester 1 Semester 2
ADH 301:Dholuo Morphology
ADH 302:The Story in Dholuo
AAL 301: Creative Writing
AAL 302: language History and culture
SCS 306: Internet Computing
ADH 303: Communication Skills in Dholuo
ADH 304: Luo culture and social institutions
SCS 305: Distributed Computing
AAL 303: Journalism in African Languages

AAL 304:Dialectology
AAL 305:Current Developments in African Languages
AAL 306: Ethnomusicology
AAL 307:Advertising in Indigenous Languages
SCS 316: Computer and Information System Security
ADH 306:Gender Relations in Dholuo Literature
ADH 307:Foreigners and African Languages: Dholuo
SCT 311: Design of Digital Systems
ADH 305:Creative Writing in Dholuo

Year 4 /Semester 1 Semester 2
ADH 401:Dholuo Syntax
AAL 401:Research Methods
AAL 402:Lexicology & Lexicographybr
ADH 402:Drama in Dholuo
AAL 403:Language Death in Africa
ADH 403:Semantics in Dholuo
SCS 403: Neural Networks
ADH 404:Advertising in Dholuo
ADH 405:Journalism in Dholuo
SCS 402:Software Engineering
AAL 404:Language and Literary Identity in Africa

AAL 405:Socio linguistics
ADH 406:Current Trends in Dholuo Literature
ADH 407:Ethnomusicology in Dholuo
SCT 410: Microprocessor Systems
AAL 407: Language Planning and Policy in Kenya
ADH 408: Dholuo in Modern Kenya
AAL 408: Research Project
SCS 409: IT & Society
AAL 406: Language and Pol

Koffi Annan please jet in after rush hour!!!

The last week in Kenya has seen many dignitaries come into the country for different functions from the Nation Media Group 50 year anniversary to other different meetings around town. We all do know that Kenya is the premier conference destination in East Africa and which does bring alot of revenues.

My only issue is when the dignitaries jet in in the morning and we Kenyans are cleared off the roads to have them pass. I am a hard working Kenyan and regardless of how important you are why don’t you jet in a bit later after us – the Kenyan public have already gotten to work and are in the process of building the nation. I propose we get a VIP helicopter to ferry this guys strait into town with no need to have them on a convoy of 6 -10 cars.

So Mr Koffi Annan, this is a humble request next time you jet into the country please try to avoid having to be driven into the town centre at rush hour…we will like much more if you did us that favour.

Another one bites the dust!!!RIP East African Magazines

Well we kinda like knew this would happen and in an earlier post i had indicated that this was very likely. So what happens, i mean i can’t remember even 1 South African company that has been successful in this market and no Steers is not a success.

Word has it that EAM was being run by the South African Consultants with very little leeway given to the Kenyans working there who actually had a good grip on the market and how to grow the brands here. Some of thier titles were good and could have stood out in the market namely True Love which had a massive following and Adam which i felt had alot of potential.

Twende also would have worked as a bi-monthly and i do hope this particular title reverts back to Travel news and the continue the good work they had been doing for a while. As for Drum and Move those just needed to be culled or turned into a teen mag to rival Insyder.

The magazine sector in Kenya is the hardest of all media to crack but i also think it does have the possibility of being the most rewarding counting it can be linked to online initiatives and with this growing sector it can do wonders for a good, bright magazine title.

I hope a big media group like Nation Media, Citizen Group or even Radio Africa can spot an opportunity here and take EAM up as a going concern.