Ole Sereni Hotel

On Mombasa Road, right opposite Parkside towers in what used to be the US embassy is this new hotel called Ole Sereni bordering the National Park. After construction that took over a year, the hotel is now open and i decided to pay a visit.

The entry to the hotel is right after Furniture Palace and one does need to signal from a distance as the exit is quite bumpy. Naturally on the way we had to go through the customary security checks that by now as Kenyans we have become accustomed to.

The hotel is quite impressive and homely as you enter the foyer and walk up towards the restaurants and the bars. We decided to pay the big Five restaurant a visit a restaurant designed with a wide view of the kitchen just like in Hell’s Kitchen…chef Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen on NTV.

The service was very good and their menu very fairly priced accommodating a wide array of foods from Chinese, Continental, Indian and Italian. Our selection was Chinese and a Grill which came in good sizable potions accompanied by a wide selection of juices and for me a night cap in a Hot Chocolate all for less than Kshs 3,000/=

The restaurant has an inside and verandah dining area overlooking the Nairobi National Park and would be a wonderful place to spot animals especially during the day. I would advice the management at the hotel to fit a telescope or maybe viewing binoculars to spot wildlife.Right next to the restaurant is the bar with a wide assortment of drinks but being a teetotaler I didn’t quite explore the selection.

All in all its a good restaurant and if your looking for a restaurant to visit i would not hesitate to recommend the Big Five Restaurant at Ole Sereni.

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