Another one bites the dust!!!RIP East African Magazines

Well we kinda like knew this would happen and in an earlier post i had indicated that this was very likely. So what happens, i mean i can’t remember even 1 South African company that has been successful in this market and no Steers is not a success.

Word has it that EAM was being run by the South African Consultants with very little leeway given to the Kenyans working there who actually had a good grip on the market and how to grow the brands here. Some of thier titles were good and could have stood out in the market namely True Love which had a massive following and Adam which i felt had alot of potential.

Twende also would have worked as a bi-monthly and i do hope this particular title reverts back to Travel news and the continue the good work they had been doing for a while. As for Drum and Move those just needed to be culled or turned into a teen mag to rival Insyder.

The magazine sector in Kenya is the hardest of all media to crack but i also think it does have the possibility of being the most rewarding counting it can be linked to online initiatives and with this growing sector it can do wonders for a good, bright magazine title.

I hope a big media group like Nation Media, Citizen Group or even Radio Africa can spot an opportunity here and take EAM up as a going concern.

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