A BA degree in …wait for it…Dholuo!!!

Just found this course offered at Maseno university. A BA degree in Dholuo, ati what!!!

Unit Courses Offered-BA Dholuo

Year 1 /Semester 1 Semester 2
ADH 101: Introduction to Dholuo Language and Linguistics
ADH 102: The History of the Luo
SCS 102: Discrete Structures
SCS 101: Introduction to Computers

ADH 103 Introduction to Dholuo Literature
AAL 101: Introduction to Translation Skills
SCS 114: Introduction to Spreadsheets & DataBases
SCS 112: Desktop Publishing
Year 2 /Semester 1 Semester 2
ADH 201:Dholuo Structure
ADH 202:Dholuo Oral Literature
SCS 207: Web Design & Publishing
AAL 201: The Novel in African Languages
SCS 204: Operating Systems
ADH 203: Dholuo Orthography ADH 204: Dholuo Phonetics and Phonology
AAL 202: Oral Literature
ADH 205: Dholuo Translation
SCS 214: Management Information Systems
SCS 212: Database systems
ADH 206: Varieties of Dholuo
Year 3/Semester 1 Semester 2
ADH 301:Dholuo Morphology
ADH 302:The Story in Dholuo
AAL 301: Creative Writing
AAL 302: language History and culture
SCS 306: Internet Computing
ADH 303: Communication Skills in Dholuo
ADH 304: Luo culture and social institutions
SCS 305: Distributed Computing
AAL 303: Journalism in African Languages

AAL 304:Dialectology
AAL 305:Current Developments in African Languages
AAL 306: Ethnomusicology
AAL 307:Advertising in Indigenous Languages
SCS 316: Computer and Information System Security
ADH 306:Gender Relations in Dholuo Literature
ADH 307:Foreigners and African Languages: Dholuo
SCT 311: Design of Digital Systems
ADH 305:Creative Writing in Dholuo

Year 4 /Semester 1 Semester 2
ADH 401:Dholuo Syntax
AAL 401:Research Methods
AAL 402:Lexicology & Lexicographybr
ADH 402:Drama in Dholuo
AAL 403:Language Death in Africa
ADH 403:Semantics in Dholuo
SCS 403: Neural Networks
ADH 404:Advertising in Dholuo
ADH 405:Journalism in Dholuo
SCS 402:Software Engineering
AAL 404:Language and Literary Identity in Africa

AAL 405:Socio linguistics
ADH 406:Current Trends in Dholuo Literature
ADH 407:Ethnomusicology in Dholuo
SCT 410: Microprocessor Systems
AAL 407: Language Planning and Policy in Kenya
ADH 408: Dholuo in Modern Kenya
AAL 408: Research Project
SCS 409: IT & Society
AAL 406: Language and Pol

4 thoughts on “A BA degree in …wait for it…Dholuo!!!

  1. how absolutely wonderful.As a luo speaker am proud that we can finallly use the language for development by dignifying it on a academic level…..go to southern africa and see deliberate effirts by govts to elevate their languages..ALL of them.

    @ atis….. they learn comp science in malay in malaysia,in swedish in sweden,english in the UK,french in france,Afrikaans in SA…….so what the heck is the deal in learning it in dholuo….. ama you grew up denigrating everything luo/african?

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