Consolidated bank rebrands


4th June 2010, Nairobi, Kenya……. After 20 years in the market, Consolidated Bank of Kenya today unveiled its new identity in an event that saw the bank don a fresh modern look in line with its innovative product offering. The rebranding reflects the Banks growth, transformation and commitment to delivering a unique retail experience to all its customers.

The new logo and brand proposition which were launched at the Hilton Hotel Nairobi resonates with the banks’ planned transformation in terms of technology, people, processes and channels outlined in the Banks’ five year strategic plan.

Speaking about the bank’s new identity, the Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Professor Njuguna Ndung’u who was the Guest of Honour at the event said, “For a bank whose history is marked by a series of remarkable achievements in the face of unprecedented challenges, today’s launch is an important step in Consolidated Bank’s journey. It is guaranteed to position this rapidly growing bank ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive and dynamic environment,” he said. “We applaud Consolidated Bank for this bold and strategic move.”

The rebranding exercise is expected to boost the Banks’ rising profitability which increased by 37% in the face of increased competition and slow economic growth. In 2009 Consolidated Bank recorded a pre-tax profit of Ksh.116 Million against Ksh.84 Million in the past year. The growth, especially in loans and advances is clear testimony that the bank’s focus on the SME segment is indeed bearing fruit.

Mr. David Ndegwa Wachira, Consolidated Bank’s Chief Executive said, “Our enhanced brand identity is a sign of my team’s commitment to excellence, above par service delivery and incremental growth arising from dedication to serve our customers and stakeholders better.”

He added “As we embrace this modernization process, we promise to remain customer focused and retain our unique flexible and innovative approach to provide efficient personal and business solutions for the market.”

Consolidated Bank is a fully fledged commercial bank with more than two decades of experience in Kenya, offering innovative financial solutions as well as an enhanced product portfolio. In addition, the bank provides value added services including a quarterly Business Club where members have the opportunity to network – locally and abroad, give feedback to the bank on their products and services and gain knowledge from guest speakers on various financial and business issues.

The bank which has 12 branches in Nairobi, Mombasa and other major towns, has steadily continued with its branch network expansion across the country. Their most recent branch was opened in Umoja, Nairobi in a plan that will see a series of new branches opening over the next five years in strategic locations within Kenya.

Consolidated Bank is fully owned by the Government with the majority shareholding in the bank (51%) held by the Treasury through the Deposit Protection Fund. The remaining shareholding is spread over twenty five (25) parastatals and other government related/controlled organizations.


For more information, please contact:

Leah Waichungo
Head of Marketing
Consolidated Bank Ltd
Koinange Street – 6th Floor
Tel: 340551/340922 Ext 203

Mary Kihagi
Account Manager
Slick Advertising
Tel: +254 020 2358216 / 2484111
Cell: 0725 427 431

About Consolidated bank,

Consolidated Bank of Kenya Ltd has been in existence in the Kenyan market for over 20 Years. Currently, the bank boasts 12 branches located in Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, Embu, Meru, Maua, Nyeri, Murang’a and Isiolo, and Laare. The bank offers a wide range of unique products based on consumers’ various needs. These include Current Account, Solid Plus Account, Savings Accounts, Foreign Currency Accounts, Fixed/Short/Call Deposit, Credit Facilities, International Business and Trade Finance and Internet Banking.

With years of banking experience and special focus on SMEs, the bank is in a strong position to help growing businesses unlock their potential and sail through the complexities they may face. Consolidated bank upholds an independent, dynamic and results oriented culture with a flexible and innovative approach. Its state of the art ICT software allows transactions to be posted on-line in real-time allowing its customers to enjoy branch-less banking.

The bank has a well experienced board of seven directors from different professional fields. This helps the bank to identify different financial needs of different groups of people which enables it to develop different financial packages for these specific groups.

The bank’s vibrant team is headed by Mr. David Ndegwa Wachira B Sc, M Sc – Chief Executive- who has more than 20 years working experience in banking.

Remarks by David Wachira – CEO Consolidated Bank at the Unveiling of the Bank’s New Brand Identity – Friday 4th June 2010, Hilton Hotel Nairobi

Our Chief Guest – Governor Professor Njuguna Ndungu
Our Chairman and Board of Directors
Esteemed customers
Distinguished Guests and members of the press
Ladies and Gentlemen

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this auspicious occasion when Consolidated Bank marks the dawn of a new era.

Thank you for setting aside your time to join us in celebrating this transition

 Why we invited customers, partners and all stakeholders – Our customers have been loyal over the years and are the centre of our existence.
 Our partners have supported us to get to where we are.
 Our message today – the Bank is unveiling a fresh new identity that will communicate our commitment better
 The Bank has experienced tremendous growth in 20 years, especially over the last few years
 The Bank’s growth has been due to working in partnership with our customers, especially the SME clients
 We give top priority to understanding our customers and responding appropriately. That is why we continually develop new products and services
 For example, our LPO financing facility which we call ‘Solid Loop” was designed from a need by our customers to finance tenders when funds are committed elsewhere. Likewise, our award winning “Vuna Chama” account was developed to cater for the borrowing needs of the many investment clubs or chamas around the country.
 As we prepare for faster growth of the Bank, it became apparent that a fresh new identity would be a effective way to communicate our renewed commitment to our customers
 The challenge is for us not only to build on the momentum gained so far, but to also step up the pace. We will roll out new branches faster, develop and deliver products better and serve our customers in more responsive and convenient ways.

 Our commitment – Our new tag line “Growing with you” communicates our commitment to our customers.

Speech by Eunice Kagane- Chairman of the Board, Consolidated Bank at the Unveiling of the Banks New Brand Identity – Friday 4th June 2010

Our Chief Guest – Governor Professor Njuguna Ndungu
Esteemed customers
Distinguished Guests and members of the press
Ladies and Gentlemen

May I say what a great pleasure it is for me to address such a distinguished audience on this occasion of the official unveiling of the Consolidated Bank’s new identity.

Today is a historic day when the Bank is marking the start of a new journey.

Twenty years ago, when the institution was formed, there were unprecedented challenges. There had previously not been a body of its nature, formed from an amalgamation of several financial institutions. The formative years were especially challenging for staff and management.

In the year 2000, having recovered a substantial percentage of the inherited bad debt, Consolidated Bank became a Commercial Bank. And I daresay we have never looked back since then!

Our journey leading to this moment has been filled with achievements as well as challenges. We have remained profitable for the last 5 years, each year reporting a higher growth in profits. Despite the unstable economic environment especially over the past couple of years, we have consistently continued to grow our balance sheet and revenues.

The growth we have experienced so far has been a direct consequence of the enormous support we have received. First from our customers who have been steadfast in their choice of us as their Banking partner. And then from our shareholders who are with us today. With this support, the directors and staff of the Bank have been able to steer the Bank.

At this juncture, please allow me to recognise our directors. May I kindly request the board members to stand where they are. Ladies and gentlemen – this is the board of directors who have dedicated time and effort to steering the Bank this far. Thank you.

Last year, as we were preparing our next 5 year strategic plan, we came to the realisation that this Bank has immense potential to create an impact in the economy especially through support to the SME sector. Our focus on SMEs has borne fruits as illustrated by the evident growth experienced by many of our customers. We are gratified to acknowledge that through our flexible and convenient financial solutions, business people around the country are contributing substantially to the economy.

And now, we are literally on the verge of a new era for the Bank. We anticipate rapid expansion not just of our network but of the business as a whole.

We have prepared well for this planned growth. In addition to investing in relevant products, we have invested heavily in our operational and risk framework e.g. the Business Process Improvement project. Most importantly, we have been investing in developing our staff through training coaching programmes.

Our customers will be glad to know that in preparation for the launch of our new brand identity, we have undertaken a very comprehensive training course where every single staff member attended a 3 day intensive training session.

Our new brand identity therefore is not the main change in itself. Our new look is indeed fresher, modern and will resonate with our customers better. However, this is really an outward change that signifies deeper inward transformation. We are reaffirming our commitment to our customers and stakeholders to support them achieve success.

I am supremely confident that our Board, management and staff are fully capable to deliver on this brand promise.

We pledge to continue growing with you into the future.

At this point, I would like to invite our Chief Guest, The Governor of the Central Bank to take the podium.

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy the rest of your evening.

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