Our Greedy MP’s…what are you doing about it.

So today i decided to do something about our Greedy MP’s our very inconsiderate MP’s who sit in Parliament and make deals where they can increase their salaries whenever they want. I joined a peaceful protest outside parliament and expressed my displeasure at their selfish actions. I was one of those guys you usually see on TV in Demonstrations. Ours was peaceful, expressing our democratic right and telling the MP’s what we think of their selfishness.

I dont think they listened as a matter of fact they must have looked at us with a smirk and a smile dismissing us as idle youth. But we aint idle, i left work to go express my opinion, and since i pay tax and live in this country an very important opinion nonetheless.

my challenge to you if your displeased by our MP’s lack of compassion do something about it, sign the online petition, join the demo…just dont sit there and think someone else will do it, do it!!!


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