Safaricoms new tariff, is it worth it?

So the guys at Safaricom after being ambushed by Zain put thier heads together to come up with a counter offer to Zain’s rock bottom offer at 3sh per minute. I should say that Zain’s offer is very good, im on post paid on Safaricom and for the very first time i do not mind loosing my number that i have treasured over the years to move to Zain. As a matter of fact i’m considering even giving up on my number even though its my Mpesa number.

So Safaricom launched thier offer and have tied it to airtime. So the higher your top up the lower your calling rate. So if you top up from 100 onwards you call at 3 sh to other networks but if you top up for 50bob you pay more. Im sorry Safaricom but i dont think this is an offer and it doesnt match Zain’s offer at all. Terms and conditions???Why again? offer valid till 24th September??? And the worst of all the offer is only for prepaid customers? I think thats just downright wrong and i will be voting with my feet.

Who knows how i can get my same number on Zain?

Vaseline Cocoa Butter – the Sheila Mwanyiga version

I dont ordinarily look at at lotion ads as i am never in the market to buy lotion. For the longest time i have been content to use Vaseline petroleum jelly and it works very well. So the other day driving on the highway i came across the new Sheila Mwanyiga Vaseline Cocoa butter lotion ad and i looked, not once but twice as i was driving at 80kph!!!

I was shocked, how now? Why? on a highway? Let me explain…Sheila Mwanyiga is every mans dream, she is a very pretty lady with a killer smile and curves at all the right places. If you wanted to get the attention of a room of men all you need is for Sheila to walk in. Enough done, i mean the figures for Tusker Project Fame have been on the rise and i think a substantial part of that is due to the fact she is a co host.

So you already have the attention of men, by just getting her to show up guess what happens when you put her on a billboard not wearing alot on a highway? Pandemonium as men take more than one look and lose their way especially if its a highway. And i have actually seen more men buying the Vaseline Cocoa butter in the supermarket, so it must be working. I think it does take a very bold brand manager to do this and if i were in the same shoes……………….i’d do the same.

And Zain is at it again…

Well today Zain placed the following very cheeky ad in the newspaper and it has become the talk of town…literally everyone from the young and thier parents are talking about it. On twitter comparisons have been made to the advertising wars between Kencell and Safaricom of the Congested, Connected Fame.

Truth be told its a nice ad and a very good tariff from the Zain guys, i wonder if this time Safaricom will react. Or if Orange or Yu will react, all in all kudos to Zain for being this brave.

Cabinet Reshuffle

While i dont have a great predisposition as to which Minister or MP lands in a particular ministry i was quite pleased with this reshuffle. You see to me as a Nairobian i do remember Michuki with very fond memories as the minister who made a mark in our largely disorganized transport industry and ministry. He put all matatu’s in line and we cheered on even if we spent a whole week trekking to work and back home. Then came Chirau Ali Makwere and matatu’s went back to thier default setting and many of us questioned and requested the president to move him to another ministry. After the by Election where he won his Parliamentary seat back we prayed that he didnt get his ministerial post back. Look like our prayers have been answered as he has been moved from the Transport ministry to Trade.

Im not saying the new Minister is any better as its too early to tell, but anyone surely would fair better than the former Minister.

The other piece of good news was Professor Hellen Sambili’s move from the ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. With all due respect the minister had made big side steps in this ministry going back on desicisons and fighting with her assistant ministers. From the Saga of the Coca Cola Stadium rights purchase, the Sports Stadia fall out, the Youth Fund fight with the board, football wrangles…she proved that she was way in over her head.

Side step after side step the biggest being her allution to Nyayo Stadium being a name of National heritage, Nyayo and national Heritage? Half of us Kenyans couldnt wait to get rid of that name in 2012 a name that reminded us of the dark days of Kanu and the reign of the former President Moi. As she moves to her new ministry my advice to the dear Professor is please do a bit of advance reading and ask when in doubt…it will go a long way.

Early Bird Service from Toyota East Africa Limited

So today Toyota East Africa Limited launched a new service where you can get your car serviced in the morning between 6.30 and 8.30 at their Uhuru Highway premises. Christened the Early bird Service your car is serviced as you wait and you can chill at their lounge, watch International news, read the paper and have a morning cup of coffee. Sounds like a very good idea to me…