Introducing Kenya 2.0

So there we have it, Kenya has decided and with more than 5 million votes a new constitution is set to be adopted. The No team has conceded defeat and the Yes team at this moment are basking in the glory of their victory. I fear they have forgotten that this is just the beginning of a new journey towards a better more renewed Kenya.

The hunt for a new constitution has been on going for many years and finally we have this document that has just been voted for, which is a good document but not a perfect document. It is better than the current constitution but it does need the relevant legislation to make it work and also a few changes here and there to include the 2 million people who voted NO.

I feel however that the win is a win for me and for all Kenyans who in spite of their differences maintained peace as they voted yesterday. Sober discussions were held with people with opposing view points and we went to the polls yesterday cast our votes and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the day having fun and interacting with other people. I took the opportunity to take a drive to Naivasha one of the 2007 election violence hotspots. It was peaceful as people mingled and voted and went on with normal business. It was a new Kenya, Kenya 2.0…

i for one am proud to have participated in voting in this referendum, and i have a purple pinky to prove it!!!

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