Eeeh…isnt the new constitution for all Kenyans?

I usually don’t watch news as they are usually filled with politicians making their roadside declarations and explaining their points of view. So last week i read in the paper the ODM MP’s resolution to kick out all the No Mp’s from the party as disciplinary action in a press conference at Orange house. I thought that only Kanu used to pull such in the time of single party rule, but in this democratic society isn’t that a bit off? Are they really that threatened by Ruto and his allies.

Usually this approach is what ails Kenyan politics and doesnt add value to the ordinary mwananchi. If ODM was to expel Ruto and his allies they will give him a bigger platform to build his 2012 campaign on and with the numbers he commands especially in Rift Valley a good asset in anyones bargaining table.

Guess Raila has that school of thought and as his party makes declarations as the Party leader he has been very quiet. He must have learnt something from the President about keeping all your cards close to heart, even away from some of your key lieutenants.

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