Cabinet Reshuffle

While i dont have a great predisposition as to which Minister or MP lands in a particular ministry i was quite pleased with this reshuffle. You see to me as a Nairobian i do remember Michuki with very fond memories as the minister who made a mark in our largely disorganized transport industry and ministry. He put all matatu’s in line and we cheered on even if we spent a whole week trekking to work and back home. Then came Chirau Ali Makwere and matatu’s went back to thier default setting and many of us questioned and requested the president to move him to another ministry. After the by Election where he won his Parliamentary seat back we prayed that he didnt get his ministerial post back. Look like our prayers have been answered as he has been moved from the Transport ministry to Trade.

Im not saying the new Minister is any better as its too early to tell, but anyone surely would fair better than the former Minister.

The other piece of good news was Professor Hellen Sambili’s move from the ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. With all due respect the minister had made big side steps in this ministry going back on desicisons and fighting with her assistant ministers. From the Saga of the Coca Cola Stadium rights purchase, the Sports Stadia fall out, the Youth Fund fight with the board, football wrangles…she proved that she was way in over her head.

Side step after side step the biggest being her allution to Nyayo Stadium being a name of National heritage, Nyayo and national Heritage? Half of us Kenyans couldnt wait to get rid of that name in 2012 a name that reminded us of the dark days of Kanu and the reign of the former President Moi. As she moves to her new ministry my advice to the dear Professor is please do a bit of advance reading and ask when in doubt…it will go a long way.

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