Vaseline Cocoa Butter – the Sheila Mwanyiga version

I dont ordinarily look at at lotion ads as i am never in the market to buy lotion. For the longest time i have been content to use Vaseline petroleum jelly and it works very well. So the other day driving on the highway i came across the new Sheila Mwanyiga Vaseline Cocoa butter lotion ad and i looked, not once but twice as i was driving at 80kph!!!

I was shocked, how now? Why? on a highway? Let me explain…Sheila Mwanyiga is every mans dream, she is a very pretty lady with a killer smile and curves at all the right places. If you wanted to get the attention of a room of men all you need is for Sheila to walk in. Enough done, i mean the figures for Tusker Project Fame have been on the rise and i think a substantial part of that is due to the fact she is a co host.

So you already have the attention of men, by just getting her to show up guess what happens when you put her on a billboard not wearing alot on a highway? Pandemonium as men take more than one look and lose their way especially if its a highway. And i have actually seen more men buying the Vaseline Cocoa butter in the supermarket, so it must be working. I think it does take a very bold brand manager to do this and if i were in the same shoes……………….i’d do the same.

6 thoughts on “Vaseline Cocoa Butter – the Sheila Mwanyiga version

  1. Hiya!

    thank you for your kind words. I truly hope the campaign works for Vaseline and even though it would give a literal meaning to stopping traffic, I trust that no one will have an accident while out and about.

    Once again, I am humbled, and hope you enjoy the next season of Tusker Project fame 4.

    With many kind regards,


    • Hi Sheila,

      Your billboard does stop traffic and i do mean literally. Like the one at City mortuary, it does give drivers waiting in traffic something to think about or should i say look at…

      I will be looking forward to TP4 and i will post my thoughts about it too.

      thanks for the feedback


  2. sheila,

    No right words to describe the beauty in you. Your possess a nature beauty that it rear to get with most women.
    You inspire a lot of people and give them the reason to shine like a star just like your smile suggests and have hope in ourself
    A lot will one day want to have wat you got and wanna appear on a bill board doing like you coz they followed for foot step.

    Give us a chance to show you that we also possess the beauty like yours we wanna be there where ur….(bill board).

    We are a lot who wanna be a mentor like you.

    I will be watching you on TPF 4



  3. Dont get me wrong I think Sheila is beautiful, but i’m sure if they did look harder they would have gotten someone even better. Isn’t it already cliche’ that all ads, billboards etc are done by so called ‘celebs’ they should give others a chance as well. I’m sure there are so many stunningly beautiful Kenyans out there who can do as good a job as Sheila. Sheila keep up the good work but there are still so many un-tapped talent out there as well nkt!!

  4. @ Critical Critic,
    I think the fact that she’s a ‘so called CELEB’ (??) was the reason they used her. Because many women out there know her,admire her,look up to her,want to look just like her,etc etc… and because she’s so beautiful,and has a warmn bubbly personality, vaseline cocoa butter decided to make her the face of their product sending the message that ‘if you use our product,you will look as beautiful and as stunning as Sheila does and as a result exude the confidence that she does’
    There’s a nivea billboard of a random model…VERY BEAUTIFUL,dark african girl. She looks stunning. but we dont know her. and the add CLEARLYT doesnt have the same effect as Sheilas as mentioned in the blog.
    Her personality(the one that we all know,at least) somehow contributes a LOT to the effect the ad has.
    HENCE the reason they would use a CELEBRITY like Sheila. It’s not that there arent more beautiful girls out there.
    It’s more than that.


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