Safaricoms new tariff, is it worth it?

So the guys at Safaricom after being ambushed by Zain put thier heads together to come up with a counter offer to Zain’s rock bottom offer at 3sh per minute. I should say that Zain’s offer is very good, im on post paid on Safaricom and for the very first time i do not mind loosing my number that i have treasured over the years to move to Zain. As a matter of fact i’m considering even giving up on my number even though its my Mpesa number.

So Safaricom launched thier offer and have tied it to airtime. So the higher your top up the lower your calling rate. So if you top up from 100 onwards you call at 3 sh to other networks but if you top up for 50bob you pay more. Im sorry Safaricom but i dont think this is an offer and it doesnt match Zain’s offer at all. Terms and conditions???Why again? offer valid till 24th September??? And the worst of all the offer is only for prepaid customers? I think thats just downright wrong and i will be voting with my feet.

Who knows how i can get my same number on Zain?

4 thoughts on “Safaricoms new tariff, is it worth it?

  1. Good article..
    For a Zain sim card of your preferred number just walk into any customer care centre and they’ll create one for you. In less than 5 minutes you’ll have an active line..

  2. I have been thoroughly dissapointed by safaricom.I have been on postpaid since 2006 and i have realised that postpaid customers are always the last to be considered for offers & competitions.I am leaving safcom anytime now.

  3. I have been a customer to safaricom at the start and upto now and i see the new tariff has not worth or value. Now let the safaricom CEO make a change. Thank u all.

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