Building roads…the non Kenyan way

Have you see the current road construction on Thika Road? Have you seen the grand plan? If you have and your a typical Kenyan like me of course you dismissed it as a grand dream. Thats right a grand one but not much will happen in reality.

You see we are used to shoddy contractors and plans that promise the sun but dont give you the moon and roads far less complicated that take 7 years just to re-tarmac. You dont belive it just take a look at the Sagana -Marua Road or the small road linking Mombasa Rd to Enterprise Road just before Zain HQ.How long did they take? one took 7 yrs the other 5….

Of course we hadnt taken into consideration one important little detail, the Chinese Contractors. What this guys do wonders literally? Mombasa Rd all the way to the airport was expanded in a matter of months and now we have seen what Thika Road is soon to become. Dont take my word for it, here are a few images. And you wondered why land on Thika Road has appreciated massively…guess we have to Chinese contractors to thank

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