Election Day – Starehe, Juja and Makadara

So today is election day for 3 quite populous constituencies in Kenya namely Starehe, Makadara and Juja. The seats were held by Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, Dick Wathika and Chief Whip George Thuo and their elections were nullified after successful petitions. Clearly not being such a big fan of politics and not voting in those constituencies i havent been an avid follower of the events that have transpired but i could venture an opinion and prediction of the outcome of the by election.


Well i was quite sad that Jimnah Mbaru did not through his hat in the ring for this contest as it would have been worth watching. currently the battle is between the Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and Maina Kamanda. I do feel Maina Kamamnda has what it takes to get his one though i kinda wished there was another candidate to bring in a fresh perspective to the outlook on the constituency. As for the Bishop, well she didnt win in the first place and i feel she does need to pick one politics or head the church she currently heads.


This is one constituency i dont understand, and it the current contest pits Reuben Ndolo vs Dick Wathika. Reuben Ndolo was the previous MP with Dick Wathika who was the former mayor being the MP who has held the seat since 2008. There is a relative newcomer “mr moneybags” who has been sharing out money and free rides on matatu’s for people to vote for him. I dont think that will sway people with the battle being firmly between Dick Wathika and Reuben Ndolo, in which in my opinion i think Dick Wathika will recapture his seat with a range of about 1,000 – 3,000 votes.


As one of Kenya’s most populous constituencies, Juja has a long list of contestants vying for the top seat that was held by George Thuo a self made enterprenuer and once MD of KBS. He is more known for his company City Hoppa which has a large share of the Nairobi City Transit transportation. He won the seat in 2008 against his fierce rival William Kabogo who is currently running on a Narc Kenya ticket and is known for transversing the constituency in his chopper and has the support of Martha Karua who is an aspiring presidential candidate in 2012. The other contestant of note is Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a who is running on a Kenya National Congress party ticket and was third in 2008. It would be wonderful if she was to beat the top 2 candidates and give us a repeat of what happened in South Mugirango. It will be a close one but im rooting for Alice Wambui Nganga as she seems to have good on ground contacts and the fact that we need more women in parliament…

By tomorrow will see how right i am…

2 thoughts on “Election Day – Starehe, Juja and Makadara

  1. I agree with you that on the Starehe front Jimnah would have been an interesting addition however having been a part of his campaign in ’02 I realize that he is more a CBD type candidate rather than the grassroots/mwananchi type candidate. I say this because of his background especially in business affairs. Personally I think he would be more suited to run for Mayor of Nairobi under the new constitution, yes granted that he’ll have to garner support from both the business minded CBD and the rest of Nairobi but I believe he is the kind of “CEO” we need to move this city forward. I’m sure there are other contenders for the aforementioned position but until they throw their rings in the hat Jimnah works for me.

    As for the Bishop to be honest, from the first time I heard her announce her running on Kiss FM or Capital FM (memory escapes me) I had a sinking feeling that it would not go well. I am a firm believer that you cannot mix callings, decide on what you are a Politician or Pastor but not both. Also when she came on the scene her pitch was that we vote for her because she’s a woman! Another thing that did not sit well with me. Women have not gone through all that they have to be voted “JUST BECAUSE”… we also have to stand up there with the rest of them and prove our worth. Therefore on those two points I don’t wish the Bishop well, and if Kamanda is all Starehe will have to fall on then so be it.

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