So why again did i come to work?

This is a question i have been asking myself all morning, why am i in the office, what does the office hold for me today thats exciting and will motivate me to roll up my sleeves and get it done. Dont get me wrong, i like what i do or else i wouldnt be at work, im not motivated by money but more by a love for what i do selling ideas to grow my client business. You might ask why i get paid and 80% is for my brain, the other 20% i dont know maybe coz my clients like me…

But as the year wears on it gets to a point where you look back and see what you have accomplished, look forward and wonder what else is in store? See i have accomplished much more than i needed to get done this year so for the next 3 months i will be working on bonus…things i had not anticipated to be doing but the year has turned out so well im doing stuff for next year. So anyway brings me to my current dilemma what exciting thing i have to do today. As i was browsing through the Business Daily i came across this article by Carol Musyoka and i totally agree with her.

you can find her article here

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