Election Results – Starehe, Juja and Makadara

So  i blogged and made predictions of who was going to win the by elections in Starehe, Juja and Makadara and got it all wrong. Not a single candidate i picked to win actually won and to a certain extent I’m happy since my predictions were largely biased on parties and not what each single candidate brings to the table. The best of the bunch was Makadara where Sonko the youthful businessman trounced both Ndolo and Dick Wathika and as much as i dont think he could do it since i saw him as an underdog, i was very happy that he got rid of this 2 established politicians and took up the seat. And to Think ODM gave a direct nomination to Reuben Ndolo instead of Sonko!!!

For the Bishop, its vindication that she did win in 2008 and i think its time for Maina Kamanda to retire from politics. Of note here is how ODM didnt campaign for Wanjiru and were busy rooting for Ndolo, so this win is testament to her organizational skills and her strategy to recapture the seat. I actually venture an opinion here that ODM needs Bishop Margaret Wanjiru more than she needs them, so they do need to make amends for treating her shabbily.

In Juja as one person on twitter said  the electorate exchanged a Hoppa for a Chopper…dumped George Thuo for William Kabogo. I really wanted both to lose but hey well done Kabogo.

One thought on “Election Results – Starehe, Juja and Makadara

  1. I think the mistake Ndolo made was to buy that ODM – K, mkamba, all his voters ,voted for Sonko because of the Tribal affiliation. They would have splitted those votes amongst the two Kambas and Ndolo would have easily won the Makadara by election.

    For Wanjiru, i voted for her and i new she was headed for victory. If ODM didn’t campaign for her why then was she given the direct Nomination if they didn’t like her and what would Elizabeth Ongoro do with her if she was Not wanted by ODM chair.
    Why did Raila go to Huruma grounds to campaign for her, actually it was Raila’s appearence that changed things to Wanjiru’s Victory.I had decided Not to vote in the by election but, i later changed my mind cause i wanted ODM to continue it Dominance in Nairobi and that’s how Wanjiru got Votes.

    We still remember Kamangu’s saga and it test bitter in our mouth, especially we men.

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