Ngilu vs Kiunjuri round 1

I get amazed by our politicians and how they dominate our news every minute of every day. Frankly i dont care much for their theatrics but this case got me wondering if they have any Strategists. Now when someone accuses you of not doing anything especially where you had knowledge of corruption happening most often than not it makes sense to wait and see what proof they have and whether the proof is tangible. In this case if i was advising the hon Ngilu i would have urged her to wait until the claims have been substantiated before retaliating if at all. A wise man says when someone splashes mud on you trying to wipe it out will only make it spread. The more preferable idea is you wait for it to dry then flick it away, it always works.

In this case i feel she is now seen to be hiding something after all why would she go all out to attack her Assistant Minister? If he claims there is corruption in the ministry of course there will come a time where he has to say what he could have done and if he is involved. If i were Hon Ngilu in this instance i would hold my cards very close to my heart.

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