Zain becomes Airtel…did Safaricom know?

So as evveryone was talking about Safaricom, Airtel has been slowly running teaser ads about freedom. The ads running on all media have been quite curious asking people to talk about what Freedom means to them. I think i got thrown off by the Red colour and the talk about freedom. Largely i didnt think they were gonna do it this soon but i guess the buzz on Safaricom played right into thier hands.







Question would be did the right hand know what the left hand was doing in the case of ScanGroup? See the Safaricom account is handled by the guys at RedSky an Agency under Scangroup, but now the Airtel is being handled by team Airtel at Ogilvy Africa which is now also part of Scangroup. Did Safaricom know when Airtel was to unveil their new look and communication for them to have created that very patriotic Niko na Safaricom ad? You see this has happened before in the case of EABL and Castle Breweries when the later entered the Kenyan market. EABL defended their market buy going patriotic and we all know how well that worked, so could be the same Strategy Safaricom is employing.  Clearly this is a battle worth watching out for, lets see how it will go and if Airtel will be able to turn around the loss making Zain Kenya operations. Here is the new Airtel logo and signature tune



6 thoughts on “Zain becomes Airtel…did Safaricom know?

  1. Sorry is that tune in Hindi? Or am I hearing my own things?

    Meanwhile, I’m certain the left hand knows what the right hand is doing since the business would do well with Airtel & Safcom running as many Ads in the media as possible to create rivalry.

    I got an email from RedBrick Research asking me about the Safaricom Ad? Who are they? Who do they work for? If you know holla.

  2. Haiya, so both Safaricom and Airtel are under the same branding group, though different names?

    At least there is a sense of patriotism in both Airtel and Safaricom adverts.

    I hope this patriotism will enable the consumer benefit in the long run.

    Let the game begin.

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