33 thoughts on “KPLC rebrands

  1. This is exactly what i was afraid of. Everyone wanting to touch Kenyans’ patriotic nerve. This could be a Safaricom, Zain or even Equity Bank ad. It’s only the power lines that make it KPLC. The narrator helps but his narration could be changed to suit any of the above brands.
    It’s a good ad nonetheless.

  2. I’m not sure, maybe because of living in Nigeria the last few months and having super unreliable supply so throughout the whole Ad at the back of my mind I kept thinking of the random blackouts that could happen esp when I saw the baby in the incubator and the guy getting shocked back to life all I could think was, “Woi KPLC please don’t take light!”

    Or perhaps it’s just right off the back of Niko na Safaricom which sucked all our Kenyan pride right out of us! It’s a well shot Ad but on the copy they should have tried harder.

  3. @Douglas but wasn’t it you or someone else who said it? When Marangi came on the scene even NIC Bank wanted us to create a Marangi for their brand. Now everyone wants to put a “Niko Na…” twist to their brand.

    @BK not sure if you should call this a re-branding of KPLC cause I was waiting to see a new logo or look & feel. However, I just felt that this was a new campaign for them. Who is the agency with this account?

  4. Personally, i’m just tired of the ‘landscape’ thing. If everyone does it it’s gonna suck. That’s the kind of ad you want to see only once in a while and done well. These guys did it well, but coming after the Safaricom ad it’s already been done. I could think of a hundred ways to do a KPLC ad!

    • @Douglas when you said 100 ways to do a KPLC Ad I just thought of a silly concept where the Ad starts with a blackout – which is what they’re are famous for now – then we get to see the whole panic process behind the scenes of getting the lights back on… tagline at the end “KPLC – We are really really trying, give us a break.”

      Or the flip side could be that we see various hilarious scenarios of people finding themselves in blackouts and what they do before the lights come back on with the tagline at the end being “KPLC – Inspiring Creativity” 馃榾

    • Feeling guilty for all your comments?! *insert evil laugh*… I’ve been listening to it on radio and the song sounds better than the one for Safcom… dunno if am being biased though.

      • Hahahaha, yeah, maybe a little guilty. But i disagree on the song. That safcom song sounds awesome!! Although i heard a different one that Kanjii pitched to Safcom with. Puts everything else to shame! Kanjii’s the most talented guy on the eastern hemisphere.

  5. @BK & Douglas… I was thinking that since Airtel is taking the whole Pan-African angle, and Safaricom then “We are Kenyan” positioning… Orange should capitalize on the new counties being formed and localize their campaign to County levels and say “THIS IS ORANGE COUNTY” (based (not inspired by) on the TV series OC)

      • He he… it does have a ring to it… “Mashinani yako, mashinani yetu.” Orange

        Or they do a campaign called “Will you be my Gachungwa?” maybe we pitch it as a PJ 馃槈

  6. @BK it makes sense that they wouldn’t want to position themselves as the fruit… but I was thinking we take old school forms of communication that I’m not sure if they are done anymore and find a way to put Orange in there…e.g. a guy “tuning” a mama meanwhile she’s there drawing maps on the ground…

    I’ve not been home but thinking since Orange have introduced products like “OrangeMoney” we could find a way to tie them into the cliche Vals/Christmas communication of gift your loved ones something from Orange.


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