Sierra premium beer

Came across this ad for Sierra Premium beer currently running locally in Kenya. Sierra is a niche brewer in kenya with a brewing plant on Mombasa road which has grow over the last 3 years. As a premium beer Sierra has all but avoided having to fight directly with the giant EABL. I like this ad especially the fact that it’s shot with a sepia feel with the beer being in full colour?


What do you guys think about the ad?



7 thoughts on “Sierra premium beer

  1. Well, they’ve dared to be different. But i believe in an ad having the three ‘S’s. Simplicity, surprise and smile. This ad only has simplicity. I would have liked to wonder a bit what it was about and found out only at the end. And i would have liked to have something that makes me smile at the end.

  2. Hmmmm… first I’m a fan of Sierra pap! So already you can tell I’ll be bias. I love the Ad… I think this one has used the three S’s and then some because the whole sepia & color play gives it some Style (can we add that as the 4th S? pweetty please) which I think it showcases the drink well well.

    If we were to add surprise…I would suggest that at the end when the performer picked up the drink, we would be shown a polite “celebrity” “personality” that we’d never have thought would be Sierrian (coined it myself) maybe an up & comer in the industry… dunno if that is a good idea or am being client.

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