I think KTB can learn from this Campaign…

See i have issues with KTB, big issues coz they always do a half baked job of trying to sell Kenya as a destination both locally and internationally. I actually think they concentrate more on selling Kenya internationally than locally and regionally. So i came across this campaign for Mozambique by DDB Maputo and i love it. I actually think we should do away with the Mozambique Logo and put the Magical Kenya logo.

See one of the very first campaigns i worked on at the first local DDB affiliate, CCL was Magical Kenya and they had amazing days with the tag enjoy a different Safari everyday. Where did all those good days and great ideas go to? KTB have anything to say for yourselfs?

Here are the Mozambique ads from this blog http://www.frederiksamuel.com/blog/


One thought on “I think KTB can learn from this Campaign…

  1. *insert long frustrated sigh*

    I think of KTB, the Magical Kenya and the Jambo! campaign I feel totally beat! Then I see the Mozambique ones and I think there is hope but hope in the sense that we don’t have to replace anything with Magical Kenya but replace “Magical Kenya” itself.

    I see that slogan/website I wonder… since when did we become a country of Magicians? Shouldn’t it then read Abrakadabra under the slogan? NKT!

    While we were asleep South Africa came and stole the wildlife angle and Safari name from right under our noses now we are no longer the most sort after destination when it comes to Safaris/Wildlife Tours! What’s next?

    We need to find something new and fresh about this country to talk about, something no one expects. We’ve been known too long for wildlife, Maasais, White sandy beaches and all those… granted those are our key selling points but can’t we be known for something else? Can’t we capitalize on other facts about us? Mt. Kenya? Cradle of Life? Long Distance Running? Swahili Culture?… pick one and run with it.


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