Why i dont watch news…

I have wondered for the longest time why in this day an Age people still watch news, even in a pub like clockwork the installed TV’s are tuned to the news. Now i should admit news has changed from those days of what Moi did for the first 15 min, though this days its about who said what and who disagrees to what for the first 15 min. I mean in the recent example the appointment of the Attorney General, CJ and Director of Public Prosecution it took each TV station 15 min to highlight the story and give us all types of analysis of how we are in  a constitutional crisis.

Really a constitutional crisis? How again are we in a constitutional crisis and the names are being nominated for discussion in parliament. Oh the Prime Minister was not consulted, hmmm? How is that a constitutional crisis? I feel like its just a disagreement between the coalition partners and here we are treated to a case of he said/ she said.

I find our news full of the usual political shenanigans that i will scan through the newspaper in the morning, so i don’t watch news at all. The only compelling reason to watch news currently is the ads, so i get to know which are the new ads. I do have an interesting theory, which came from my Pastor…in our Parents time there was nothing else to watch and there was only one station. That’s why watching news was spending time together as a family, not anymore since what you watch on news in 45 min you can get it online summarized and scan through it in 5 min.

Guess i’m actually waiting for a local channel with absolutely fantastic content( read series, documentaries, cartoons, movies etc) a bit of what E-Africa is trying. As for news, i stick to an hour of CNN or BBC world and i’m sorted.

As for Raila and not being consulted my only question is are the people appointed the right ones to drive the country forward?



North Africa leads the way – Egypt january 25th

After the uprising that ousted the Tunisian president Egypt has seen its possible and many people have turned up in large numbers to protest against the Authoritarian rule of President Hosni Mubarak who has been president for over 30 years. Reports indicate protesters increasing in the streets and over 40,000 in one Egyptian town. The Egyptian goverment reacted by sutting down the internet, twitter, facebook and even ordering Vodaphone to shut down thier network. I dont think that will stop the protests and i think this does signify the end to Hosni mubaraks reign. i hope our politicians are watching carefully coz once the people have had it, they have had it!!!


The year 2011 begins with Lukewarm advertising…

So the year has began and since this is my very first post this year, Happy new Year. Hope we are all looking forward to the new year which does promise a whole lot of new things. So the year has began fast and furious and one of the biggest stories was Airtel reducing thier rates…yet again. Now im not against then reducing thier rates, i totally benefit. Next day Orange run an ad to counter the offer with the Headline…dont just talk for free be free…hmmmm.

An amazing counter ad but from the wrong player, it would have made sense for Safaricom to have such an ad but Orange? Come on…As one of my colleagues explained it its like a brawl in the pub and the guy in the corner throws a bottle into the brawl since he wants to get involved. In my opinion i would have done this in a very subtle way instead of being involved in the fight, since as Airtel fights Safaricom i get to gain as no one is focusing on me…


On to Cadbury’s and the everyone needs a hug campaign, now i do understand the idea behind the campaign which is everyone needs a pick me up, or should i say a little something something once in a while. But the whole cup hugging me scenario is quite distrubing and very uncomfortable. i feel there would have been a better way to show the same as this campaign is not quite there, a little bit more time on it and it would have been a whole lot better…

Any other ads you think i should add to this category?