The year 2011 begins with Lukewarm advertising…

So the year has began and since this is my very first post this year, Happy new Year. Hope we are all looking forward to the new year which does promise a whole lot of new things. So the year has began fast and furious and one of the biggest stories was Airtel reducing thier rates…yet again. Now im not against then reducing thier rates, i totally benefit. Next day Orange run an ad to counter the offer with the Headline…dont just talk for free be free…hmmmm.

An amazing counter ad but from the wrong player, it would have made sense for Safaricom to have such an ad but Orange? Come on…As one of my colleagues explained it its like a brawl in the pub and the guy in the corner throws a bottle into the brawl since he wants to get involved. In my opinion i would have done this in a very subtle way instead of being involved in the fight, since as Airtel fights Safaricom i get to gain as no one is focusing on me…


On to Cadbury’s and the everyone needs a hug campaign, now i do understand the idea behind the campaign which is everyone needs a pick me up, or should i say a little something something once in a while. But the whole cup hugging me scenario is quite distrubing and very uncomfortable. i feel there would have been a better way to show the same as this campaign is not quite there, a little bit more time on it and it would have been a whole lot better…

Any other ads you think i should add to this category?

4 thoughts on “The year 2011 begins with Lukewarm advertising…

  1. Concerning Cadbury (by the way, it’s not “Cadbury’s”), how is the ad disturbing/uncomfortable? This is a brand that is meant to be thought of as (as you said it) a ‘pick me up’. What better way to show that, than the product hugging you (comforting you)? I also happen to think it’s a very memorable campaign and i think the radios are quite catchy (it elicited a mention here).
    What are your thoughts on the Airtel ads? I think whoever approved them should be shot.
    Concerning Orange, i agree with you. I also think that if they want to be more aggressive, they should do it with their budget rather than confrontational campaigns that they can’t win. Of course i stand corrected.

    • wait the product comforting me by hugging me….i understand the product comforting be but its how the product makes me feel inside, that warm fuzzy feeling it gives me after the world, a friend, the weather has let me down. A hug, not exactly it in my opinion, its much more than that.

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