Why i dont watch news…

I have wondered for the longest time why in this day an Age people still watch news, even in a pub like clockwork the installed TV’s are tuned to the news. Now i should admit news has changed from those days of what Moi did for the first 15 min, though this days its about who said what and who disagrees to what for the first 15 min. I mean in the recent example the appointment of the Attorney General, CJ and Director of Public Prosecution it took each TV station 15 min to highlight the story and give us all types of analysis of how we are in  a constitutional crisis.

Really a constitutional crisis? How again are we in a constitutional crisis and the names are being nominated for discussion in parliament. Oh the Prime Minister was not consulted, hmmm? How is that a constitutional crisis? I feel like its just a disagreement between the coalition partners and here we are treated to a case of he said/ she said.

I find our news full of the usual political shenanigans that i will scan through the newspaper in the morning, so i don’t watch news at all. The only compelling reason to watch news currently is the ads, so i get to know which are the new ads. I do have an interesting theory, which came from my Pastor…in our Parents time there was nothing else to watch and there was only one station. That’s why watching news was spending time together as a family, not anymore since what you watch on news in 45 min you can get it online summarized and scan through it in 5 min.

Guess i’m actually waiting for a local channel with absolutely fantastic content( read series, documentaries, cartoons, movies etc) a bit of what E-Africa is trying. As for news, i stick to an hour of CNN or BBC world and i’m sorted.

As for Raila and not being consulted my only question is are the people appointed the right ones to drive the country forward?


One thought on “Why i dont watch news…

  1. Well said …. i thinking our journalist are unable to get good content and thus the obsession with politics …. the Nairobi River is now clean after years of neglect isnt that a good story to tell …

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