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The Barclays Ultimate account ad – Blantant Plagarism or a case of Ignorance

So Barclays Bank yesterday premiered a new ad for their new Ultimate account which has a roster of benefits, with no fees at ATMs, a Visa card etc. The star of the ad is Maqbul Mohammed a Capital FM Drive show presenter. All things considered its a very well shot ad the only problem being its plagarised from the Old Spice Campaign. The Old Spice Ad won a Grand prix at the Cannes Advertising Awards and reports are it increased sales of Old Spice by around 300%. Its an iconic, ground breaking campaign. So as much as we do admit imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery, what this ad has done is blatant plagiarism of the idea and the script.

Is that even allowed or have we thrown creativity & honesty out of the window? I’m quite disappointed in Barclays, its no wonder i’m not a customer.