Tacc Store Naked Billboard

just in case accidents occur on the Bunyala Road roundabout, this billboard is the culprit.

photo credit of @SamGichuru


SAB Miller is back

After their purchase of Crown Foods and subsequent renaming to Crown Beverages, SAB Miller has began their campaign to renter the local Kenyan beer drinking market. Last week they launched Redds in a non returnable bottle much like what Heineken is currently doing in this market. Redds which has been and will continue to be available in 330ml cans will now also be available in 330ml Non Returnable Bottles. Redds is more a brand targeting the stylish modern urban lady and we are yet to see if this will help increase thier current marketshare in the country.

Today Tusker launched Tusker Lite, a lighter version of Tusker malt with low carbs as per the ad below.

Not so sure where the brand fits since locally we don’t have a Lite category. But maybe thats what SAB miller have up their sleeve and are looking to launch a Lite beer into this market next week on 8th December. Maybe it might be one of this three brands

Did KPLC really deserve an MSK award?

A question by Sunnywords on twitter brought up an interesting debate about the role of MSK currently known as the marketing Society of Kenya. In their last warrior awards KPLC, won 2 awards one for best rebrand of an existing brand and the second for a good corporate campaign. I know what you’re thinking KPLC, seriously? How did they even get an award?
The argument is MSK should know better, how do you award a company that consistently disappoints consumers, never delivers on the brand promise and is a big monopoly with no competitor thus no need to keep to any standards. From a technical standpoint KPLC did deserve the awards but in marketing isn’t the brand promise as important as the campaign or the ad?
The bigger question is what happened to MSK? The Marketing Society of Kenya was supposed to uphold the highest level of marketing but has been a limping association with no clear direction in the last 10 years. They even used to publish a marketing magazine called Sokoni quite a while back, but no more. You’d think with a council of who’s who in big marketing suites across the country the MSK wouldn’t be groping in the dark when it comes to matters marketing. Maybe it’s time to either restructure MSK or start an all inclusive new marketing association; While we are at it maybe there is an opportunity to also create an advertisers association as APA (Association of Practitioners in Advertising) is a dead association.
As for the APA looks like it did die a natural death, can’t remember the last time we held Advertising awards in Kenya.