Was Kenya Dairy Boards TV ad picked directly from the Evian award winning roller babies campaign?

The Kenya Dairy Board is a statutory body established in 1958 through an Act of Parliament, the Dairy industry Act Cap 336 of the Laws of Kenya. The Board, which operates under the Ministry of Livestock Development, is mandated to Regulate, Develop and Promote the Kenyan Dairy Industry. It does count in its membership most of Kenya’s milk processors and has just launched a new campaign to get Kenyans to drink more milk.

In the newly launched Campaign developed by McCann Erickson we see babies in a bar ordering and drinking milk. The babies are dressed up in skimpy outfits much like one would while going out. The set up is a bar where we are shown different cocktails and different babies ordering milk. The ad ends with a dance as the babies who have been drinking milk that keeps them young perform for thier friends different dances. The ad ends with a shot of all the babies sitting by the bar drinking milk. The track playing in the background goes Do milk stay young…

The concept of the ad is quite nice the only issue i have with it was it seems to have been picked directly from another award winning Evian ad

So it seems the team behind the Dairy board ad used the Evian concept and all they changed was the setting from the street to a bar. I hear they used the Evian ad to present to the client, of course after editing out the place in the ad where they show the Evian brand. Is it that we couldn’t have come up with a creative idea a local creative idea? Reminds me of the old Spice ad and the Barclays bank knock off…

As Scangroup officially closes McCann Kenya this ad doesn’t do much for them as a creative agency. Anyway here are a few got milk ads

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