My quest to find a reliable ISP….for an SME…

After 2 year of using Safaricom business as our office ISP we needed to move office to a different location and it meant that we needed to get back into the market to look for an ISP. Now we didn’t have any issues with Safaricom business as they were a very reliable ISP and issues were addressed quite fast, faster than our previous one who had horrendous customer service.

So we got calling and looking for ISP’s and by the end of the day we had quotes from Access Kenya, Zuku, Tangerine Broadband, Xtranet and a few others. After internal consultation we decided to give Access Kenya a try, and we paid a deposit for the service. But due to different reviews in the market we decided to give them a 2 week trial with the option of taking them up full time. I think that was the best decision we ever made. Our service was either slow or non existent, with excuses ranging from a cable cut to an outage on the service for 2 weeks!!!!

We went back to the market to shop for a new provider settled on 2 Zuku and Safaricom business. Safaricom has really given us very good service at our old office and we went back to the tried & tested. Zuku seems to have really styled up and we decided we might give them a second chance as our number 2 provider. So here we go, day 1…lets see how the performance of both go…

I however think there is an opportunity for an ISP who can offer good, reliable service especially for SME’s locally. The old KDN and Jamii Telkom would be perfect to create a reliable SME product, that works well and is also affordable. As for Access Kenya, i was quite disappointed by a company that positions itself as Kenya’s largest Corporate ISP…or maybe its because I’m an SME?

One thought on “My quest to find a reliable ISP….for an SME…

  1. someone else told me the same about Access Kenya so i didnt bother with them, Orange seems to be a reasonable option for us and so far so gd

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