my date with the Wholesalers in Eastleigh…

So last week i got roped into something that my wife has been planning to do since around April this year. Wholesale shopping!!! So apparently the cost savings are huge on the monthly shopping budget  or so i was told. So after lining up a few friends and playing around with the monthly budget list it was time to go in search of the wholesaler.

Unfortunately since she had a series of meetings i needed to step in an join the whole sale shopping gang on a trip to a wholesaler in Eastleign the trade capital of Nairobi. So off we went in a pick-up and a saloon car down towards Eastleigh. Did i tell you they are repairing roads in Eastleigh like with the rest of Kenya? Consequently the kariokor road, Easlteigh roundabout has disappeared.

So after a drive round finding a way towards Garissa Lodge we finally got a nice place to park and started walking in search of the famed wholesalers of Easteligh. After a walk of 5 min we found one, Diamond Wholesalers who deal in Bidco products. Since he didnt have most of the items on our list a walk around the corner got us onto wholesalers street, i mean there were like 15 wholesalers on this street alone. 

After unsuccessfully trying to mustle our way into Diamond Wholesalers 2 ( the non Bidco ones) we setlled on a wholesalers called mega Wholesalers and began giving our order. 3 hours later we were still at it as we needed to have the prices match the brands and agree on what brand per item e.g Detergent – Sunlight, Cooking oil – Rina, flour- Exe etc.

Finally with our list done and money paid we got our receipt and it was time to get the goods out of the stores which took about an hour and a half. As we piled our stash into the car, mine was a pick-up and someone had to sit at the back with a metal bar, just in case someone tried to benefit from hard work along the way back to town. Here are a few lessons learnt about wholesale shopping:-

  • If you go wholesale shopping, then you need to pick the available brand, you cant always insist on a particular brand
  • Wholesale shopping is hard work, as you stand for long
  • wholesale shopping is quite expensive on the onset, but you save money on the monthly shopping budget
  • The dingier the wholesale shop is located the better the prices you get…
  • Eastleigh is not as bad as we all percieve it to be….

All in all our shopping trip means we now have supplies for the next 3 months, i think all that hard work and energy was well worth it.


its a shame the poor state of our health sector


Ketamine is an anaesthetic agent that can be used in emergency situations. Like when someone is trapped beneath a collapsed building by say his leg. It puts you under in a strange way, and doesn’t quite knock out your breathing the way other agents do. Then an amputation can  be done quickly in the absence of an anaesthetist (anitha-tis, if you interned where i did hehe!), who i like to think of as the guy/girl in the mortal world who stands between life and death on your behalf. In most of Kenya, ‘anaesthetists’ are clinical officers who have had additional training.  Finding a ‘doctor anaeshetist’ outside of the major towns is so rare you’re in better luck finding  a mild tempered man from tigania. So the other day, a newly minted post internship doctor (very very far from being an obstetrician) posted to a center in this country asked in…

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