its a shame the poor state of our health sector


Ketamine is an anaesthetic agent that can be used in emergency situations. Like when someone is trapped beneath a collapsed building by say his leg. It puts you under in a strange way, and doesn’t quite knock out your breathing the way other agents do. Then an amputation can  be done quickly in the absence of an anaesthetist (anitha-tis, if you interned where i did hehe!), who i like to think of as the guy/girl in the mortal world who stands between life and death on your behalf. In most of Kenya, ‘anaesthetists’ are clinical officers who have had additional training.  Finding a ‘doctor anaeshetist’ outside of the major towns is so rare you’re in better luck finding  a mild tempered man from tigania. So the other day, a newly minted post internship doctor (very very far from being an obstetrician) posted to a center in this country asked in…

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