The quite absolutely fantastic Faiba Ads by Jamii Telkom Limited

Well i have been quite a big fan of Jamii Telkom and it wasn’t because of their advertising. They seemed to be the only ISP providing a good reliable internet solution with quite a number of very happy clients. So Jamii Telkom have embarked on an advertising campaign for their Fiber network in certain suburbs called Faiba. First i should say it takes a very funky and switched on company to call their Fibre Internet product Faiba, i love that name as its local and quite descriptive.

When the Faiba product was launched i do remember wondering why there were no TV ads for the same. I figured that was due to the fact that the product was new and availability was still confined to the Karen/ Lavington area. Availability now is quite widespread and you can check if Faiba is available in your area on this link

The ads done by Fatboy Animation are set back in the prehistoric days more like Flinstones, showing different browsing sppeds and the innovation that comes with Faiba. I like the sports car approach showing different modes of transport from before wheels to using a wheel, a cart with wheels to showing innovation by using a dinosaur to pull a cart. The Faiba option is shown as a sports car which is the fastest option available.

The other options show how fast downloads are and one guy communicating with his wife via Skype while the other one is sending him smoke signals to capture his attention…

I like this campaign as its funny and quite memorable. The Agency behind it looked to be having alot of fun while working on it and it shows. Kudos’ to the Faiba team for a fantastic campaign.

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