Weight Loss for Mums…a book by Janet Mwendwa Kibuthu

My very good friend Janet published this book about Weightloss for Moms, highlighting her personal experiences. it’s a very good book and I would recommend you buy it.


“Soon after pregnancy, especially for first time mothers, it feels like the whole world is focusing on you and expecting you to go on a quick fix weight loss regimen. This is especially if you had accumulated excessive weight during the pregnancy. Losing weight after birth was a struggle for me. It seemed unattainable and it threatened every sphere of my life. Nonetheless, I purposed not only to shed off the excess weight gain but also conquer the battle to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The journey started with a weight loss goal and grew in to something more valuable. The treasures in this book are the discoveries I made along that journey. I want to share these with all mothers in the same struggle. Sustainable weight management is something each one of us can learn as we adapt small gradual changes into our lifestyle. This book offers a spiritual and practical guide filled with real experiences to spur you towards your journey. Are you ready to make a lifelong commitment to be fit and healthy?”

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