Remove roundabouts in Nairobi….replace them with????

One of the biggest stories this week was the Nairobi Governor Evan’s Kidero walked when his motorcade was caught in traffic. Clearly this was big news, very big news since as governor never walks anywhere. And his motorcade bullies the rest of us out of traffic daily. I think the governor should consider getting a nduthi guy, or as the uptown guys call them a boda boda guy to get him to the meeting on time. Mr Governor, the rest of us have to deal with the traffic and that’s how traffic in Nairobi is.

Now the idea of removing roundabouts, is a good idea, only if you have overpasses. This idea of replacing roundabouts with cross junctions, is a bad idea Mr Governor. If you don’t believe us please ask your counterparts in the US. I believe you should have a conversation with Mayor’s of major cities in the US. Anyway on to much better more positive news….

Nairobi, has been ranked 3rd in the Continent’s cities of opportunity report by PWC. The report ranked 20 African cities using 5 criteria’s

1. Current development or future potential
2. Location
3. The Opportunity
4. Must have or knock out factors
5. Time scale

The full ranking and the report can be found here….

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