Tanzania reduces number of Kenya Airways flights…why do i think this will hurt them more than it hurts KQ?

So this week Tanzania retaliated to Kenya by reducing the number of Kenya Airways flights to 42 to 14 a week. Whereas this will hurt Kenya Airways i think Tanzania will lose alot more. Kenya Airways  currently is responsible for 80% of all the passengers flying into Zanzibar and over 50% of all the passengers within Tanzania. Currently Tanzania doesn’t have a national airline, with their only option being Fastjet the budget airline.

Well i do think Tanzania will need to soften their hardline stance especially once the ban begins affecting their tourism numbers as very few airlines would even consider increasing their flights to Tanzania and international airlines preferring to land in Addis Ababa or Nairobi to pick connecting passengers. Not all Tanzania’s agree with the directive with Zanzibar calling the decision, ill thought….


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