NIC Bank’s new corporate campaign

NIC Bank, one of Kenya’s tier 2 bank has a new campaign that is looking to build on the NOW campaign launched last year. The NOW campaign was to highlight the importance of time and how NIC bank is working hard to make sure that  you save time as you do your banking.

The current Asset Finance campaign built on the NOW platform, with NOW being the right time to pursue your dreams and ambitions with NIC bank. The campaign ad opens on a traffic jam, not an unusual scene in Nairobi which has currently been made worse by the counties experiment with roundabouts. We see a driver in a car completely exasperated by the traffic then pan to see his additional stress which is the fact that his wife is about to give birth. A young boy in school uniform walking home, sees the same thing and decides to do something about it.

He get’s his friends to help by getting car’s to move so the guy taking his pregnant wife to hospital. Seeing that the traffic is not moving as fast, they mimic the sound of an ambulance and the traffic parts. They run after the car until the hospital and witness as the lady is wheeled in just in time. As the husband turns to tank the kids the camera focuses on the young boy and the VO says ‘ you see a little boy who  wanted to save lives’ but NIC Bank saw the owner of a fleet of ambulances.

The ad ends on the tag…NIC Bank, because every story has a beginning…

I like this ad, its a nice ad with a very solid thought behind it. I do have some concerns though…

1. Before the ad starts, it has some powerpoint looking slides with text…i wonder what for.

2. The logo at the end has been superimposed on the ambulance, i would have placed it elsewhere.

So this is quite a good campaign, though the press campaign seems to be not well though out, too literal much unlike the TV ad.

It reminded me also of an excellent British Airways ad of yesteryears…


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