The Great Run 7…in memory of Amin Mohammed…by team Isabella the Fiat Panda

So over the past long weekend the Brandspark creative guys joined the Great run to Eldoret and back via Iten, Kerio Valley, Kabarnet and Marigat. For those who dont know what the Great run is… The Great Run is a mid to long distance driving event for any form of motorized transport. It is a chance for both driver and vehicle to cover hundreds of kilometers and take in some of the best roads in the country in the company of like-minded individuals. However, much as it is organized as such, the Great Run is not a form of Motorsport nor is it competitive. This is to ensure the highest standard of safety and obeisance of traffic regulations are observed, as the Great Run has been and will be conducted on public roads.

So the team at Brandspark decided to join the Great run this year and in we decided to do the journey in a rare car….A 2007 Orange Fiat Panda christened Isabella. I know everyone was asking if she was gonna survive the journey…but Isabella held her own.

2014-09-29 14.49.15

So the route looked as per the attached map

Great Run 7

So early Saturday morning, and we met up with all the other Great Run participants right outside one of the Sasini tea factories right past Ndumberi a few kilometres past Kiambu town. As the Great Run 7 was being held in honour of Amir Mohammed, a great man and one of the organizers of the great run, it was fitting that we had a drive by the scene of his accident saluting this great petrol head.

The Great Run3 The Great Run4 The Great Run7 The Great Run8 The Great Run10

We started the journey at around 9 and the trip took us past Limuru to Naivasha, Nakuru, Mau Summit and into Eldoret. In Eldoret we were welcomed by Team Chebarbaer and led to the governors office. The Governor Jackson Mandago graciously welcomed us and accompanied us to the childrens home we were to visit in Eldoret town. One of the main pillars of the Great Run is visiting a children’s home and in Eldoret is was no different. We gave out all the things we had and the Governor started an impromptu Harambee that raised 137,000/-. What more a local miller gave out a ton of flour to the children’s home.

The Great Run19 The Great Run25 The Great Run27 The Great Run29

So after sampling the sights in Eldoret we retired to our hotel for the night, Hotel Comfy. Next morning we had been promised a drive on on of kenya’s most scenic roads. The road paases through Iten, Kabarnet, Marigat then back to Nakuru. The drive from Eldoret to Iten was quite nice on a very smooth road and we made a stop at the famour Kerio Valley View Hotel.

The Kerio Valley View Hotel, is an amazing hotel set on the top of the hill overlooking the Kerio Valley with view across to River Tambach and Lake Kamnarok. After a quick fill up with some freshly brewed coffee we were off to join our fellow Great Run 7 compatriots for a drive across Kerio Valley.

The Great Run33 The Great Run34 The Great Run37

And it was one amazing drive, a twisty tarmac road going down to the bottom of the valley with a view of an amazing waterfall up ahead. A great company of cars in which Isabella felt right at home in the hills, valleys and rivers of Elgeyo Marakwet and Baringo counties.

The Great Run70 The Great Run78 The Great Run82 The Great Run83 The Great Run85 The Great Run97 The Great Run107 The Great Run108 The Great Run113The Great Run232 The Great Run234 The Great Run247 The Great Run248 The Great Run264

So you, yes you reading this blog…whats your excuse for not travelling and seeing our great country?

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