The Pepsi ad that everyone is talking about

So Pepsi this week put out an ad with Kendall Jenner…if you have been living under a rock and have no clue who that is…she is a Kardashian. So the ad is as below….

the ad by Pepsi’s in-house agency Creators League Studio, was pulled down by Pepsi after 2 days of being on air. The ad has been criticized as it seems to trivialize all the protests that have been happening especially the Black Matter Movement. according to ADWEEK

Allen Adamson, long-time brand consultant and founder of Brand Simple Consulting, agreed: “It’s trivializing the seriousness of the issue, that merely a can of Pepsi could solve all of the problems on the streets of our country. To some extent, it’s polarizing to the Black Lives Matter movement because it makes it seem like much ado about nothing, if you just passed some out at your demonstrations this wouldn’t happen.”

The bigger issue with this ad is that it makes protests feel contrived and dishonest by people who have never attended a protest or have no idea of the pent- up anger. The whole ad looks more like a block party than a protest.

Sometimes when brands try to connect with the issues of the day they need to be careful not to come out looking contrived or even half hearted in their attempts.


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