2018 ads…the good, the very good and the ugly – Episode 2 KFC

So KFC in the UK last year changed their logistics supplier to DHL and Quick Service logistics, who had been supplying KFC in Europe since 2011. The change that happened on Valentines day was beset with a myriad of problems that by 18th February less only around 266 restaurants were getting their supplies.

The problem looked un-surmountable, a PR crisis of epic propositions that many brands would take a very long time to survive from. KFC in the UK though took the bull by the horns and created an amazing stand alone advertisement that ran in two national daily papers in the UK. The ad, an apology to all their customers in the UK who had to go along their day without their favorite chicken, was a bold one. They clearly stated the problem and looked to reassure all their consumers that they were resolving the issue.

The brilliance of this ad was not with what they said, but rather how they said it. A bold apology that won them loads and loads of publicity both online and offline. It was a textbook case of how to turn a crisis into an opportunity.



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