How I caught the travelling bug…

I love travelling. I love getting into the car and driving to a new town with no plan, no previous booking just to discover what new thing we can find there. Why?

Well, my dad used to work for an NGO back in the 80’s and he would drag us along with him on a number of his trips. His travels with us though were not too far away from the city with Nakuru and Meru being the farthest I remember traveling with him. As I grew up, I wanted to see more, experience more of Kenya from the wildlife, the beaches, the highlands, the mountains and the different national parks.

All this became possible when i joined Campus. Daystar University opened for me the possibility to travel to different places via being in different clubs like Doulos, Drama and Dance. It also did help that I was the bus procurement guy, getting different buses for different groups taking groups. I did my first ever trip to Mombasa when i joined Campus, then proceeded to go to Mombasa twice every year. Other trips included Eldoret and a long bus trip to Kampala.


After Campus, with 2 groups of friends we started traveling together in April and December for the holidays. Always within the country and as our numbers have grown (kids) our needs have changed, but we have always been able to find a place where we can go for the holidays.

I will be blogging about how we go round finding our accommodation choices, places to travel to and choices of where to stay with or without the kids.

Let me know, what holds you back from travelling?






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