To Durban and back…The long way back.

Leg 4- Durban – Johannesburg


This has taken a while and my sincere apologies for that. Here is the rest of the story.


Our hotel in Durban, the Durban Manor Hotel and Conference Centre was a quaint little quiet hotel that was opposite a park and a harbor. It had a double bed, a reading table, a shower, and a loo and a TV with DSTV. We dressed and went for continental breakfast which was quite nice, and it came with brewed coffee that helped us wake up. Now we were Durbanites so we strolled to the Durban Convention Centre, seeing Durban in a different light. Durban was a clean city, with some nice white Taxi’s (mathree’s in Kenya) playing some very loud Kwaito music. That did remind us of home and our very own mathree’s that we love and hate at the same time.


So at the ICC, we interacted with the young creatives who had different projects on display and some of the panelists from the day before. The energy was amazing and being among different creatives -illustrators, photographers, poets and graphic designers was super amazing. As this was our last day in Durban we decided to go out and explore back to the promenade and the beachfront.


Specifically swim in a public pool by the beachfront, go into the ocean and experience the Durban water and some beachside amusement park. Haven’t been to the new Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa but in my mind,  they need to make it close to what they have on the Durban Beachfront.



Our return trip to Johannesburg was by bus and we booked a Translux bus. After our Citiliners experience, we thought we were in for the same kind of experience, but we were sorely disappointed. The bus was late, and it was old and clearly had seen better years. The phone charging outlets were not working, and the staff wasn’t the most helpful. We settled into our seats and prepared for the 6-hour journey back to Johannesburg. The journey was uneventful as we were asleep for most of the journey. We arrived at Johannesburg Park Station at 6am in the morning. We alighted from the bus and used the app to see how much and uber would cost us to Sierra on Mains, our hotel in Randburg. We then used this information to bargain for a good price with a taxi driver at ParkStation as they don’t allow Uber’s to pick passengers at the station.


Sierra on Main’s was a nice hotel situated in Randburg, Johanessburg that we booked and paid for via Agoda an online travel site. The hotel was quite impressive, and the room was spacious with a bathroom with a bathtub. After the long journey, we were indeed grateful for the bathtub to soak in and take away all our tiredness. After spending much of the day lazing around, we decided to take a walk. We walked to the counter and ask the lady if there are any malls around that we can walk to see. She told us the malls would be close to closing, at 5pm on a Saturday and she wouldn’t recommend us walking anywhere. She proposed we take an uber to Sandton to the mall as it was the one place that closed later.




We took an uber to Sandton, walked around to see the various stores and shops. Things here are good quality and not as pricey as when you find them in a high-end mall in Nairobi. We even saw a bitcoin ATM. Right after we were invited to a Braai by some Kenyan friends and introduced to flavoured gin and a conversation on some very good South African Golf courses.


Next week – Johannesburg to Lilongwe by bus….




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