Golfing in Covid-19 times

Golfing has been one of those sports I have been working paying the regular for the last 3 to 4 years. I started it as a hobby pushed on by some of my friends who on vacation, I would accompany them for a round or 2 of golf. One round at the quite difficult to master leisure Lodge golf course, my caddy told me I should give it a go since I already had a few of the basic covered.

In this Covid-19 times working from home from March 16th, golf has been my regular exercise and get out to the house plan. I do regular walks 2 to 3 times a week but a drive to the golf course to the other side of town every Saturday has been my way to unwind after a week mostly at home coordinating work and Zoom school schedules for my 3 kids.

Playing at Golf Park, at the Ngong Racecourse has been quite enjoyable even with the different measures put in place. The social distancing, playing as a two or three ball, suspension of all tournaments and handicaps and no caddies. It has meant changing your golf bag for a lighter much easier to carry one or finding a trolley so you can push/pull your clubs around the 18-hole golf course which is around 9km…give or take.

So, what has changed in my golf game in the last 3 months?

  1. A greater appreciation for caddies – Caddies do a lot of work, spotting balls advising on the right club to use and helping carry all our golf clubs around for 9km. Most of all for keeping us company as we try to will a small white ball to agree to land where we want it to land with little or no practice due to our work schedules.
  2. Golf kits are heavy- I have started wondering why I need to go play each round with 13 or 14 clubs in my bag, whereas I will only use 5 or 6.  Since now I have to carry the clubs, I’m only going with the essential ones, the ones I will definitely use not the ones I might just use.
  3. Its not how far, it’s how many – Golf is an interesting sport as you need to find your own unique playing style and there is no one size fits all approach to golf. My approach before was always to try and see how far I can hit the ball, now I have learnt that my approach needs to approach each hole by trying to figure out how many times I need to hit the ball to get it into the hole. E.g I struggle with my driver shot – currently using a 3 wood as my driver so I don’t get the ball to go very far, but I know I can recover on my second and third shots.
  4. I’m really enjoying each golf round- Golf is my release and I go out to enjoy the game and the walk. My little island of some freedom and lots of fresh air.

photos from Pexels by tyler hendy & Jopwell

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